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Put Yo Money Where Yo Mouth Is - RAP BATTLES 

DGV Rap Battles & Bigger Than Hip Hop  


Put Your Money Were Your Mouth Is  

So you think you can Rap? You think you are the best? Now is your chance to put your money were your mouth is!! Rap Battle it out through the rounds to take the title and cash prize home. Everyone says they are the best so, now is the time to prove it!!  

Rap Battle on Beats. It’s all about flow, delivery & Battle BARS!! The Crowd and Judges will decide who will be crowned king/queen of the event.  

Registration Fee: $5  

Date: 24February 2018  

Venue: Club Connect  

Time: 2pm  

Admission: $3 (+Free Drink)  

Hosted by Naboth RIZLA & Thorne  



Cash Prize  

Grapevine Clothing Merchandise  

Interview on Hip Hop 263 TV show (ZTV)  

Interview on Rapperholix Lounge Radio show (Skyz Metro FM)  

For Registration & More info Contact: 

Naboth RIZLA (+263773721693) or Thorne LaRoq (+263718004373)  

Supported by; 

Hip Hop 263, Rapperholix Lounge, Grapevine Clothing & Bigger Than Hip Hop

Hip Hop 263 TV Show now available on Youtube 

In case you didn’t know Naboth RIZLA is the Presenter & Producer of our TV show called Hip Hop 263 which airs every Friday on Zimbabwe’s National TV station called ZTV and also on Channel 280 on DSTV at 9.15pm CAT. This journey began in October 2016 with Season One (which is now available on DVDs now available for $1 each) and we are now on our Second Season (Thank God) meaning we have released 23 episodes of Zimbabwean Hip Hop to date on Zimbabwe’s National TV (ZTV). We have decided to further share this content with the world by uploading content from the current Season Two onto our Youtube Channel Hip Hop 263 so that those that cannot watch the show when it airs can also get a glimpse and an idea of what Hip Hop 263 tv show is about. The whole idea is to now take Zimbabwean Hip Hop to the world. Who knows, we might end up on more TV stations. Anyway, here’s ALL the 10 Epsiode Trailers for you to watch and don’t forget to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you never miss out on new videos uploaded every 48 hours HERE

DOWNLOAD HERE: Naboth RIZLA Application from Google Play Store 

The Naboth Rizla Application is a Radio Station online streaming application that allows you to enjoy Hip Hop Radio Shows from around the world. It is available for Android devices by downloading for FREE from the Google Play Store. All you need is internet access and you are good to go. So far we have Hip Hop shows from Zimbabwe (Hip Hop 263, Hip Hop TIA & Hip Hop Universal), Zambia (Eardrum 60), China (Dj Shaba), UK (Chris Peters from IBMC) & USA (Global Love Warming). Download Here

Boi Mac Gang Ka 4 Ep Now Out 

Remember Boi Mac from the on top of things single that was playlisted on our Hip Hop 263 Radio shows? Well, the H-town emcee is back with a 12 track EP titled Gang Ka 4. The project is laced with a good dose of dope beats and sing along lyrics. You definitely will find something you like especially if you into new age hip hop as the sound is mostly trap.
The EP features Sway Th3rd, UG Boyko, GXGVX, Static, $achaa, V$G, Clady Banks & Rhed with production from Jay_Forty5,  Carlooo, LeanxBeatx, Youngnash, Rhed, LordFilli, Sway Th3rd, GXGVX & FOMH.

Whilst we at it please do check out his latest Boi Mac - Golden Freestyle Over Nasty C's Golden SIngle on the links below:

Datafile: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/2057323d 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user5157100/golden-gangremix 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8oHJlT331g&feature=youtu.be 


Myke Pimp Releases The Yuck Mouth Tape online 


The list of producers on the project include Fun_f (who also serves as executive producer), McZee, Seengy, TRK, Mclyne Beatz, Dida and Kronik Boy. Guest appearances include J. Nova, Fun_f, Savage, Mariachi (on the hit song Harare Hairarwe), Gold Finga and K.I. 
Harare, Zimbabwe: After a successful mixtape launch on Saturday 4 February 2017 (at the first anniversary of The Hustler’s Market) Myke Pimp has released the online link for his Yuck Mouth mixtape as a thank you to everyone who has supported him through his journey.  

Spanning six singles and four music videos The Yuck Mouth Tape is likely to cement Myke Pimp’s position in Zim Hip-Hop as a force to reckon with his vernacular bars. 
Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/myke-pimp/sets/the-yuck-mouth-tape 
Datafilehost link: http://bit.ly/TheYuckMouthTape 
About Myke Pimp: Myke Pimp is a Zimbabwean Hip-Hop artist that began his music career in 2013. He gained prominence circa 2015 with the Mariachi-featured Harare Hairarwe single with had an accompanying video. 
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MykePimp 
Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/Mykepimp 
Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/Mykepimp/ 
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3fMio2tCH6EkV0eX8eBiAA 

The Dot releases New Single #MagayaMoney 


Bulawayo boy aka The Dot has released his new single, Magaya Money, that has the streets buzzing & wondering were this kid has come from. 

First glance at the title of the song will have you thinking it has some link to the prophet, but once you hear the street resonating hook & bars this will be nullified. The Dot explains that "Magaya money" is a double metaphor, in Shona it would translate to thinking of money & in Ndebele it means someone who gives money. 

The rapper interchanges between English, Shona and Ndebele effortlessly , packing a multitude of metaphors and punchlines through out the Oskid produced banger. 

The song was scheduled to be released on Monday 6 February but the rapper decided to release it on the first of the month due to popular demand. 

@byoboydot : Instagram & Facebook 

Magaya Money out now  



Yung Tyran Releases Sekwanele on #SwooshSundays (single) 

Friday Night Rap Duo member Yung Tyran is back at it again, this time with a Weekly dose of FREE music under the theme #SwooshSundays. In the first installment he drops yet another First Class Produced banger titled Sekwanele. The song's subject matter is one that many will relate to as he describes an unhealthy relationship that is drowning in insecurities. Let us know what you think after you Listen/Download below:

Soundcloud Link-  https://soundcloud.com/yungtyranworldwide/sekwanele 
Download Link -    http://tinyurl.com/Sekwanele

Terry Chizboi (ZIM) Ft Princess Covergirl Taylor (USA) on BadMhan (single) 


Terry Chizboi, Afro pop/hip hop artists from, Bulawayo (Zimbabwe)  has unleashed a surprised unanticipated international collaboration with Princess Covergirl Taylor from United States of America (Detroit), on a new commercial song which will surely take Zimbabwe by storm!!! The song is called #BadMhan & the collaboration track will be released on the 4th of February 2017. For those who don't know Princess Covergirl Taylor, she is an American female rapper, song writer who broke into the industry through the success of her street mix-tape "21 & OVER". She has collaborative hits with Omarion, Tinashe, Eve etc and she was once nominated at the BET AWARDS, For Best Peoples Choice Award.

The 21 year old new kid on the block Terry Chizboi is a new force to be reckoned with in Zimbabwean entertainment and the song without a doubt will top the charts at local radio stations!! Terry Chizboi (*Zim) ft Princess Covergirl Taylor (USA)- #BadmHan produced by Del_BOBO (Nigeria) & Melowex Studios (Byo,Zim) 

Release date 04 February 2017

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