Calvin Treazy Stay By Me

Calvin Treazy is a Bulawayo based rapper who keeps working hard to keep his name out there. In 2018 he found himself in the Newspapers again for all the right reasons as he makes sure he keeps his brand reaching out to a wider audience as he prepares to unleash his "The Life I Chose" EP at the end of April. The 25 year old rapper with Lil Wayne facial resemblance is going to feature CalVin aka Dat Luveve Boy currently riding high on the Revenge Of The Vin album release, Asaph from the "No Stress" hit with J Dumza, Lee & Represent Beats as well as Maestro IV off the On A Mission fame. With such a star studded line up of amazing creatives The Life I Chose EP by Calvin Treazy is bound to be one to look out for this year.

As Calvin Treazy builds the hype towards his EP release date we find ourselves listening to his latest single "Stay By Me", A Valentine's themed track inspired by true life events making it a song the masses can easily relate with. According to the rapper, his latest single stay by me "is a track about me appreciating my other half for the love that she has given me through thick and thin..." The rapper featured fellow Bulawayo rapper Maestro IV on the track that we understand will have visuals soon. Ibrah not only produced "Stay By Me" but was also involved on the title track to The Life I Chose EP. Listen/Download Stay By Me from the Pelandaba (Bulawayo) artist HERE. Otherwise keep up with Calvin Treazy online by checking out: 


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