Sharky has all the sauce in Henaroo 

Whilst others were making their new year's resolutions the Monkey Bznz Entertainment front man affectionately known to us as Sharky was hitting the ground running with his music video his single “Henaroo!!” which is off the Chitungwiza born artist’s 2nd studio album “Take Back the Land”. The music video was released on the 1st of January 2018 as soon as the clock struck 12 midnight to signal the end of what was an amazing year for the artist and the beginning of another. This was possibly the very first Zimbabwean music video released in the year 2018. The video was directed by Aaron Mheta of AM Pictures who is fast becoming a household name in the visuals area. The song was produced by Coded who makes an appearance on Sharky’s first studio album as a featuring artist and producer and on the 2nd studio album as a producer. 

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