Time to Keep It Real EVERY Friday

Keep it real is a term loosely used in hip hop circles to mean telling the truth. One such crew that does such in a way that is progressive and entertaining at the same time is the Keep It Real Fridays team aka #kirf. They have been telling their truth for more than a year now. For those not in the know, Keep It Real Fridays is a Capital26free Weekly Hip Hop podcast hosted by Seletine (a social architect) and Brian Willis (Blogger with no relation to Bruce!). Lots of interviews with game changers in Hip hop from all facets of the genre from MC's, Entertainers, Dancers, Promoters, social commentators etc and the list goes on. Expect to hear exclusive music drops, reviews, riveting opinions on trending news on the triumphs and malarkey in Zimbabwe Hip hop and a bit of the international headlines.

Join #kirf every Friday for an hourly dose of realness and modesty!" 

Past episodes worth checking out below (just click on link & enjoy): 

09 Feb The Dizzy Order Episode with Dizzy Don ft Maxy Jay 

02 Feb Talk is not so cheap episode with Madzitatiguru ft Splits Loui 

26 Jan Back to the future with Amard and Spekktrumn 

19 Jan It's all about the Mula Episode ft T-Mula x Nial Ainca 

12 Jan The Taste Makers Episode ft Dj Mox & Mik Manjengwa 

Don't forget to submit your music for airplay or ask the #kirf team to host your Hip Hop event via their email keepitrealfri(at)gmail.com

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