M.U.S.E sets the Benchmark 

M.U.S.E. (Metro Urban Sophisticated Entertainer) was born Peter Roy Charles Chester, in 1984 on the 14th of October. He is a Emcee, Song Writer, Graphics Designer & Poet who currently resides in Bulawayo. His love of music was developed at a very early age, after his family relocated to Pennsylvania USA and as he grew he found his passion for writing and soon joined a rap trio called the 3 Kings and began his lyrical career at the age of fourteen. Fast forward to 2018 and M.U.S.E. has released 1 mixtape titled Exquisite Lyrics Vol 1 (and is due to release the sequel in 2018), 1 official album titled The Artist along with 9 underground projects. His smash single of 2017 which won him 4 nominations titled 100 BARS is a definite must listen to not forgetting his video featuring Psykotek titled Rise and Fall which got featured on Hip Hop 263 TV Show on Zimbabwe's National TV (ZTV).

We definitely can't wait for his second album to be released late in 2018 titled The Canvas because if his current single which features MC Chita titled Benchmark is anything to go by, then we are in for a new standard of dopeness we have come to appreciate from M.U.S.E. If truth, bars and all round versatility is what you are looking for then trust M.U.S.E to deliver that gritty unapologetic musical rawness that got us believing in this new Benchmark. Indeed the standards have been raised we can't wait to see what he will paint on The Canvas. To keep up with this hardworking emcee be sure to check out:


Maestro IV Is On A Mission 

When it comes to real ghetto stories that the populous can relate to Maestro IV is one of the best artists to do ever do it. He is very comfortable on the mic as he blesses the mic with message filled bars upon bars pouring out his truth. His latest offering On A Mission which you can Listen/Download HERE does exactly that and that's why we had to feature it on our current Hip Hop 263 Radio playlist which you can LISTEN to HERE.

For those not in the know Melusi Mgcini Nyathi A.K.A Maestro IV is a Zimbabwean artist/producer born in the high density suburbs of Pumula in Bulawayo. He began his love and experience of music at a tender age as his father was a musician and a guitar player in a band. In 2015 he launched his solo career as an artist and launched his debut album "TopJITA-Spaza Weekend" . It contained hit tracks such as "Majaivana back", "Ungesabi", “Majika", "Holy Grail" and M.W.D. In 2016 he did a follow up album "TopJITA2.0: Married To The Game" which did exceptionally well for him in terms of airplay and media coverage. It featured hits such as Run This Town & They KnowOn A Mission is part of a 4-track Singles Collection project with songs such as Number One Lady, Puntshu Puntshu & In The Cup.  For more on Maestro IV and how to get his music and keep up with him please check out:


Mariachi Mzukuru Releases A Single titled Ngaanake (Press Release) 

Mariachi is 1/3 of the supper Hip-Hop group MMT which consists of MC Cut and Tatea Da MC, and  between the three of them they managed to land several nominations at the Zim Hip-Hop Awards and  the Zima Awards winning, Best Group of the year and Best collaboration amoungst many others. He  also hosted the popular Hip-Hop show on power Fm called School of Hip-Hop with Davies Mugadza, propelling  the industry further more. 

Having collaborated with the super hiphop group MMT of the Zvidhori and Party Yatanga fame, Mariachi has thought it time to focus on his solo aspirations. Ngaanake being the first single off his sophomore album titled Mariachi naMzukuru. Ngaanake is a sensual rap ballad where Mariachi reminisces about a special woman, a demi goddes oozing with unparalleled  beauty, a ballad with undertones celebratory of African beauty marred with witful metaphors. As one delves deeper in the song there is confusion whether this is sheer admiration of beauty or rather Lust for women at its extreme .Ngaanake the single features the 2016 Hip-Hop producer of the year winner Fun_f who also  went on to produced it. 

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